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Santa Fe Foods - Docuseries

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Ground Work Productions recently had the privilege of capturing the pilot episode for a new docuseries called “Santa Fe Foods”.

This project was special for us to work on because it highlighted our local city of Santa Fe and the amazing food found here. Andrew and I captured the work through the late fall of 2021 and into the early winter of 2022. Post production was completed in March of 2022. The focus of this blog post will be to discuss the challenges and approach to this type of production and story.

The first item on the agenda of any cinematography project is the tools of the trade that will best support the story. Our choice for Santa Fe Foods was the Canon C300 Mark III camera and capturing in RAW 4K format. This allowed us to maximize exposure latitude and shoot in multi-temperature lighting situations with confidence. We chose our primary lenses to be Fujinon Cabrio zooms. This approach kept the look consistent while still delivery a full range of focal lengths. Our lighting had two main elements. A Hudson Spyder bounce umbrella setup for the interviews and support lights including Gemini 1x1s to bring the food to life. Filters were used throughout the project to soften the digital sharpness and bring the imagery into a more life-moment feel.

In addition to the pilot episode, we also visited 5 other restaurants in the city of Santa Fe. This link to the promo features all six chefs of each episode for the first season. Each chef offered their unique talents and we had so much fun both capturing the food and eating it when we were done!

Finally, we would like to share the first episode featuring Fernando Olea. LINK

We are so very fortunate and grateful to have the opportunity to tell his story. Enjoy.

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