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The Wait is Finally Over!

Here at GWP HQ over the past year things have been humming along quite smoothly, but we have been waiting with patient expectation for the next big thing. In 2022, after the announcement of the Arri Alexa 35 we put our name down to get our hands on the next big thing in camera and cinema technology. After putting down our deposit we were a little tweaked when we were told our order would not get fulfilled until Spring of 2023.

Last September we were in touch with one of the Arri technical reps that let us get out hands on the camera. We were blown away at the build quality and how the buttons and dials were so well constructed. Most importantly the image quality is superb, something that we really have come to expect from Arri. My favorite moment was when Chase Hagen, the Arri rep says "I will give you $100 cash if you can make this camera clip in the highlights without pointing it at the ball of the sun." He definitely knew what he was talking about because I couldn't do it. The camera boast a 17 stop dynamic range and I have seen some tests get into the 19-20 stop range. A great test was done over at, you can find it here. With a range like that this camera mimics the human eye in how much light information it can take it. Simply very impressive.

We have been wanting to be an Arri owner/ operator shop for sometime now. We have worked with their cameras all the way back to 2013 with the original Alexa and then the documentary workhouse the Amira. For three years Stuart and I have discussed the different Arri cameras out there and which was the right one for us, all the while knowing that in Munich, DE they were working on something new. I will confess, patience is not my strong suit. Three years of waiting and making the not-so-glamourous move of saving our money and keeping our head down was tough. Well, finally the wait is over and we have a beautiful new camera to offer to our rental, commercial, and documentary clients. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Stuart or myself. Cheers until the next one!

A few photos from my trip to Munich, DE at the Arri headquarters.

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