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One Man Band

Most recently in the world of Ground Work Productions, I had the opportunity to shoot a quick promo for a local small business here in Santa Fe. I received a last minute call to see if I could hop onto an already planned photo shoot and create some video content and subsequent edits. I was immediately excited at the idea, a gorgeous ranch house with two very talented and beautiful models, all wearing jewelry authentic and ethically sourced from craftspeople of several local indigenous tribes. To find out more about the company please visit,

The challenge was this; could I create great images and edits all on short notice, limited tools and resources, all the while working around a photographer? The name of the game is collaboration, even working as a one man band, I had to collaborate with the client, photographer, models, and the location. Knowing that I would have to rely on natural light most of the time and find the spots where I could add a little. I brought my handy Litepanel Gemini 1x1 LED soft light that could be battery powered, along with a 2 foot battery powered light tube LED by Lumin8. I also brought a white bounce board to move that existing natural light around a little bit. I had to just be flexible, since I did not have time to scout the location.

I also made the decision to shoot mostly hand held on a wide lens, to really show off the models and jewelry in the environment we were in. And I lucked out, the location was incredible! We shot at a ranch off of Route 14 just south of Santa Fe and it provided all the texture that this shoot needed to really stand out. The place just had the exact vibe we wanted to capture, not to mention great big windows and plenty of natural light. And when we went down in the basement with no windows, I had those trusty battery powered lights! The amount of production value that comes from a great location could not be stated enough.

I will say for a long time I have been very impressed with how good things look on this Canon C300 MKIII. It is such a large improvement from its predecessor. Most of the things I loved about the C300 MKII have carried over to the MKIII, and all of the things I disliked have been removed. It is such a versatile camera platform, the build quality is excellent, and have the ability to strip the camera down to very little and still have it be 100% functional is everything I needed it to be. Plus, the new DGO sensor has really improved the dynamic range and enabled me to make great images. I am very happy to have it.

Thank you so much for reading. See the promo on the homepage and be sure to visit .


All photos provided by Adrift A Dream Photography.

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