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Welcome to Ground Work Productions

A new site and a new look for Ground Work Productions, glad to have you along for the ride.

Andrew and Stuart here, Welcome to our blog on our new website. The production posts here will share our journey and our stories. Along the way we’ll give tips behind what we do, behind the scenes of the process, gear geeking and much more. We’ll take this first post as an opportunity to share a little on the philosophies of production work. There are many types of media capture today. The productions can range from a 400 million dollar budget like “Dawn of Justice” or 1,500.00 budget for a social media client. When we started GWP this was a principle question for us. Who is our client? Is it the big guys, the small guys, somewhere in the middle? 20 years ago the answer to that question would have been much clearer. Before the on-set of the digital camera age, the platforms of media and content creations were much more limited. Today, the boundaries get pushed every few months. We realized for many clients that do not live and breath production work, this may not be so clear but it is the truth of our media environment today. We started Ground Work Productions as a company that can cover most of it. I don’t think we’re quite ready for the 400 million dollar budget just yet although we have worked on many of these productions and continue to do so regularly. We are much more suited for smaller production projects and companies that need a high quality product at a more reasonable rate. Still, what does that mean for our approach or philosophy to the work? It means we maintain an expanded approach to the work that revolves around humility. Whaaaat? Humility in the film industry? Well, all jokes aside, it’s out there and there are many great crafts and tradesmen that share our attitudes. No matter the production’s size, humility will get you further towards a successful day than any other attitude on set. It is also the foundation for building lasting relationships and for learning. If there is one thing that matters in this ever shifting media environment, it is the ability to continue to learn. Check back soon as we complete the writing on this post to see what we really think. Cheers, Andrew and Stuart

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