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Enamel Artist David Snow

Updated: May 5, 2022

We had an opportunity to create a special featurette with one of our very talented friends, enamel artist David Snow.

Here at Ground Work Productions telling stories is not only our job, but our passion. We had the opportunity to visit the work shop of New Mexican enamel artist, David Snow. Stepping into that place at first was overwhelming with the amount of visual stimulation surrounding you. From handcrafted artwork, to vintage toys, to scrap metal and tools; we could have stayed for hours shooting b-roll. And best of all, surrounded by all those textures was an artist with a great story of his journey. We are proud to be able to tell stories that we feel are important, with people we think are important. David's story has lived on our site for sometime now and it is a story we are grateful to have told.

For more information on David Snow’s artwork visit, Sumner & Dene Gallery.

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